Neeli Prasad is a security, mobile, wireless, networking and Internet of Things (IoT) strategist. She has throughout her career been driving business and technology innovation, from incubation to prototyping to validation and currently an entrepreneur and consultant in Silicon Valley. She has made her way up the waves of secure communication technology by contributing to the most groundbreaking and commercial inventions. She has general management, leadership and technology skills, having worked for service providers and technology companies in various key leadership roles. Prasad has lead a global team of more than 20 researchers across multiple technical areas and projects in Japan, India, throughout Europe and USA.


Her notable accomplishments include enhancing the technology of multinationals including CISCO, HUAWEI, NIKSUN, Nokia-Siemens and NICT, defining the reference framework for Future Internet Assembly and being one of the early key contributors to Internet of Things. She is also an expert member of governmental working groups and cross-continental forums.

Previously, she has served as chief system/network architect on large-scale projects at both network operators and vendors looking across the entire product and solution portfolio covering security, wireless, mobility and cloud in domains such as IoT/M2M, eHealth and smart cities. She was one of the key contributors to the commercialization of WLAN for which she has published two books and she has a broad range of publications in internationally acclaimed journals and conference publications.

My Journey

Entrepreneur and Startups

Founder & CEO

SPA Solutions, Mountain View, California, USA

Senior Research Manager

PCOM:I3, Aalborg, Denmark

Professional Organizations

GIMS Member and Chair of the Marketing, Strategy, and Staff Liaison Group

IEEE Communications Society

Vice Chair, Social Networking Technical Committee

IEEE Communications Society


Senior Network Architect

T-Mobile, The Hague, The Netherlands

System Architect

Lucent Technologies, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

Radio Engineer

Vodafone NL (Libertel B.V.), Maastricht, The Netherlands

Non-Profit Association

Director and Head of Research

Center for TeleInFrastructure USA, Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Director and Head of Research

Center for TeleInFrastructure USA, San Jose, California, USA

Industry-Academia Collaboration

Internet of Things

Internet-of-Things thought leader with 25+ successful large-scale implementation projects.

Led IoT Testbed at Easy Life Lab and secure cognitive radio network testbed at Cogito Lab for Network Management, Security and Planning and is the Director, Centre for Tele Infrastructure, USA and led and coordinated for more than 25 industrial and public funded multi-partner projects.


Expert on network security and privacy from R&D to commercialization in various markets.

Demonstrator for multi-layer security, trust and privacy concept to IoT and have built security solutions and interaction models and holds a Ph.D. on heterogeneous network and has worked on securing cognitive radio.


Pioneer for Wireless LAN with deep knowledge across multiple LAN and WAN technologies.

Distinguished member that brought Integrated Wireless LAN and changed how people use computers and have been the Senior Network Architect to get the GPRS Edge Network to 3G Network for T-Mobile.


International general management and leadership experience across high-tech companies.

Possess general management, leadership and technology skills and worked for service providers and technology companies in various key leadership roles around the globe.

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